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Frame Your Print!
  • Frame Your Print!


    Are you ordering a print?  Would you like to have it arrive at your home professionally framed and ready to hang?  Then choose this option!


    My printer offers to professionally mount and frame prints using top quality materials.  This option is for a black wooden frame, glare resistant acrylic "glass", and paper sealed back with hanging wire.  This framing option will give you a gallery ready presentation to hang anywhere.  I chose a black frame so that the photo can stand on its own and really shine wherever you hang it.


    The 8x10 option is for an 8x10" frame.

    The 11x14 option is for an 11x14 frame.

    Please be sure to order the proper frame size for the print that you're ordering.


    These prices are wholesale prices from the print/frame house that I use.  They are a bit higher than the cost of a frame that you would find in a store, but significantly cheaper than bringing the print to a custom framer.   If you have any questions about the process or product, or if you'd like more framing options, please email me directly before placing an order.


    NOTE: This can only be ordered while also ordering a new print.  This cannot be ordered just on its own, for for a print that has already been purchased.  Please contact me directly if you'd like help getting a print that you already own framed.

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