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Eye of the Agave

Eye of the Agave


An agave plant can live to 25 years, and sometimes longer, depending on the species and the conditions.  But when it does get close to the end, it knows it.  The plant will go for one last hoorah and shoots a stalk up 12, 15, or even 20+ feet in the air.  The tip of the stalk holds the many flowers to help the plant propagate and pass on it's genes.  Besides being a magnificent sight, the stalk and flowers are edible and were a staple among Native Americans in the southwest.  This might explain the conspicuous lack of a stalk on this dead agave.

This photo will be printed by a commercial print house that I’ve used for close to a decade and has been in operation since the 1970’s. This is an actual photographic print on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital paper with a lustre finish, which will last over 100 years in normal display conditions. This process is slightly more expensive than a common inkjet print, but offers an extremely high quality reproduction with exceptional longevity of the print. The print will come pre-mounted to a piece of heavyweight matboard, making it ready to be placed in any frame. If you would like it without the matboard, just let me know after purchasing. Prints usually arrive within 2 weeks of ordering. Shipping is only available within the United States.

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